• ScratchOrgCreateOptions


alias?: string

alias to set for the created org

apiversion?: string

target server instance API version

clientSecret?: string

OAuth client secret of personal connected app

connectedAppConsumerKey?: string

The connected app consumer key.

definitionfile?: string

path to an org definition file


use orgConfig

definitionjson?: string

org definition in JSON format, stringified


use orgConfig

durationDays?: number

duration of the scratch org (in days) (default:1, min:1, max:30)

hubOrg: Org

the environment hub org

noancestors?: boolean

create the scratch org with no second-generation package ancestors

nonamespace?: boolean

create the scratch org with no namespace

orgConfig?: Record<string, unknown>

overrides definitionjson

retry?: number

number of scratch org auth retries after scratch org is successfully signed up (default:0, min:0, max:10)

setDefault?: boolean

after complete, set the org as the default

tracksSource?: boolean

if false, do not use source tracking for this scratch org

wait?: Duration

the streaming client socket timeout (in minutes) must be an instance of the Duration utility class (default:6)