Salesforce CLI Scanner Plug-In

Salesforce CLI Scanner Plug-In

Salesforce CLI Scanner Plug-in

The Salesforce CLI Scanner plug-in is a unified tool for static analysis of source code, in multiple languages (including Apex), with a consistent command-line interface and report output. We currently support the PMD rule engine, PMD Copy Paste Detector, ESLint, and RetireJS. We may add support for more rule engines in the future.

The Salesforce CLI Scanner Plug-in creates “Rule Violations” when the scanner identifies issues. Developers use this information as feedback to fix their code.

You can integrate this plug-in into your CI/CD solution to enforce the rules and expect high-quality code.

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To report issues with Salesforce Scanner, open a bug on GitHub. If you want to suggest a feature, create a feature request on GitHub.

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