What's new in v3.x?

What's new in v3.x?

What’s new in v3.x

Added Salesforce Graph Engine

Salesforce Graph Engine is a new Code Analyzer engine. Preview its features using the newly added scanner run dfa command, and check out our example app.

Upgraded major versions

We upgraded major versions of ESLint engines.

  • eslint from major version 6 to major version 8
  • typescript-eslint plug-in from major version 2 to major version 5
  • eslint-lwc plug-in from major version 0 to major version 1

Included RetireJS as a default engine

RetireJS is a default engine along with PMD, ESLint, and ESLint-Typescript. To provide more information about RetireJS violations, we enhanced the scanner run command with a new --verbose-violations flag.

Cleaned up deprecated flags

We replaced the -v/--violations-cause-error flag on scanner run with the -s/--severity-threshold.

Installing version v3.x

Follow these steps to install the latest features in version3.21.0.

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