What's new in v3.x?

What's new in v3.x?

What’s new in v3.x

Added Salesforce Graph Engine

Salesforce Graph Engine is a new Code Analyzer engine. Preview its features using the newly added scanner:run:dfa command, and check out our example app.

Upgraded major versions

We upgraded major versions of ESLint engines.

  • eslint from major version 6 to major version 8
  • typescript-eslint plug-in from major version 2 to major version 5
  • eslint-lwc plug-in from major version 0 to major version 1

Included RetireJS as a default engine

RetireJS is a default engine along with PMD, ESLint, and ESLint-Typescript. To provide more information about RetireJS violations, we enhanced the scanner:run command with a new --verbose-violations flag.

Cleaned up deprecated flags

We replaced the -v/--violations-cause-error flag on scanner:run with the -s/--severity-threshold.

Installing version v3.x

Follow these steps to install the latest features in version 3.18.0.

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