Java SDK

Introduction is a complete application development platform that provides tools for managing data, logic, and user interfaces of your cloud apps. is the underlying database that powers and all the applications built on the platform, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Chatter.

If you are a developer, you are already using to manage the data for your application and to automatically expose your data in both a REST API and SOAP API. It also provides a Metadata API to handle changes to your data model.

If you are a Java developer and you want to build a Java application that accesses data stored in, the Java SDK enables you to quickly build applications. With this SDK, you can:

  • Use to store your application data
  • Interact with data already written to by, for example, one of your applications or by your Sales Cloud application
  • Leverage the user security model to manage data access for your application
  • Extend existing applications with Java logic

The SDK is not tied to any particular runtime. You can build applications that run on your own server, on Amazon's EC2, or other cloud runtimes as long as you can make HTTPS connections to

You can use the Java SDK with any organization that has API calls enabled. This includes Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Editions.

The SDK consists of the following components.

API Connector

The SDK is built on existing APIs. A core service connector class is responsible for managing connections to the API for the application. You configure this connector using a connection URL string which can be provided in property files, system properties, or environment variables. The connector automatically handles session refreshes after expiration and it can use the OAuth module to inject the session ID. The connector uses WSC for the actual protocol implementation.

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JPA Provider

The JPA provider enables you to use as a persistent data store for entities defined in Java using the JPA standard. You can define entities in pure Java and the JPA provider automatically manages the schema in It also enables you to map existing entities in to JPA entities so you can query and operate transactionally on data that's already in, such as your CRM entities. The JPA provider is based on the DataNucleus Access Platform.

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OAuth Authentication and Authorization

If you're building an application for authenticated users, you can configure single sign-on and leverage the security model in using OAuth2.

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Spring Security Plugin

This plugin enables you to use Spring Security for authentication and authorization in your applications. The Spring Security library uses the API Connector and the OAuth Connector to allow authentication via the APIs. There is also a custom Spring Security namespace that helps to simplify configuration.

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Spring MVC Project Template

The SDK includes a Spring MVC project template distributed as a Maven archetype. You can quickly and easily create new projects from this template. The template sets up all the Maven dependencies needed for a new Spring MVC application using the JPA provider and Spring Security plugin.

To see the Maven archetype in action, read the quick start.

Code Generation Plugin

This plugin is not part of the Java SDK, but you can use it to generate Java classes based on the objects already present in your organization.

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