Enumeration Members

ORG_API_VERSION: "org-api-version"

The api version

ORG_CAPITALIZE_RECORD_TYPES: "org-capitalize-record-types"

Capitalize record types when deploying scratch org settings

ORG_CUSTOM_METADATA_TEMPLATES: "org-custom-metadata-templates"

Custom templates repo or local location.

ORG_INSTANCE_URL: "org-instance-url"

The instance url of the org.

ORG_ISV_DEBUGGER_SID: "org-isv-debugger-sid"

The sid for the debugger configuration.

ORG_ISV_DEBUGGER_URL: "org-isv-debugger-url"

The url for the debugger configuration.

ORG_MAX_QUERY_LIMIT: "org-max-query-limit"

Allows users to override the 10,000 result query limit.

TARGET_DEV_HUB: "target-dev-hub"

Username associated with the default dev hub org.

TARGET_ORG: "target-org"

Username associate with the default org.