• after we successfully signup an org we need to trade the auth token for access and refresh token.

    scratchOrgInfoComplete - The completed ScratchOrgInfo which should contain an access token. hubOrg - the environment hub org clientSecret - The OAuth client secret. May be null for JWT OAuth flow. signupTargetLoginUrlConfig - Login url retry - auth retry attempts


    • options: {
          clientSecret?: string;
          hubOrg: Org;
          retry?: number;
          scratchOrgInfoComplete: ScratchOrgInfo;
          signupTargetLoginUrlConfig?: string;
      • Optional clientSecret?: string
      • hubOrg: Org
      • Optional retry?: number
      • scratchOrgInfoComplete: ScratchOrgInfo
      • Optional signupTargetLoginUrlConfig?: string

    Returns Promise<AuthInfo>