• Returns a valid signup json

    definitionjson org definition in JSON format definitionfile path to an org definition file connectedAppConsumerKey The connected app consumer key. May be null for JWT OAuth flow. durationdays duration of the scratch org (in days) (default:1, min:1, max:30) nonamespace create the scratch org with no namespace noancestors do not include second-generation package ancestors in the scratch org orgConfig overrides definitionjson


    • options: {
          connectedAppConsumerKey?: string;
          definitionfile?: string;
          definitionjson?: string;
          durationDays: number;
          noancestors?: boolean;
          nonamespace?: boolean;
          orgConfig?: Record<string, unknown>;
      • Optional connectedAppConsumerKey?: string
      • Optional definitionfile?: string
      • Optional definitionjson?: string
      • durationDays: number
      • Optional noancestors?: boolean
      • Optional nonamespace?: boolean
      • Optional orgConfig?: Record<string, unknown>

    Returns Promise<{
        ignoreAncestorIds: boolean;
        scratchOrgInfoPayload: ScratchOrgInfoPayload;
        warnings: string[];

    scratchOrgInfoPayload: ScratchOrgInfoPayload; ignoreAncestorIds: boolean; warnings: string[];