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AgentInformation Contains information about the Agent that has joined the Chat session. 
AgentListener Listener interface for retrieving agent information during a chat session. 
AvailabilityState.Status The agent availability client allows you to query the availability of agents attached to a particular button id. 


ChatAnalytics ChatAnalytics contains identifying information for analytics data that is relayed via the API. 
ChatBotListener Listener interface for receiving menus from a Chat Bot. 
ChatClient ChatClient enables the interaction with the Chat Session. 
ChatConfiguration Configuration options for Service SDK Chat. 
ChatCore Entry point for configuring and creating a Service SDK Chat Session. 
ChatEndReason Reasons for why the session has ended. 
ChatEntity An ChatEntity object defines a set of behavior for interacting with a Salesforce object, ie. 
ChatEntity.Builder Used to construct ChatEntity objects for interacting with Salesforce objects. 
ChatEntityField ChatEntityFields are used to define which Salesforce object fields a ChatEntity interacts with and what the behavior should be. 
ChatEntityField.Builder Used to construct ChatEntityField objects for interacting with the fields of a Salesforce object via ChatEntity
ChatEventListener A listener which indicates various chat events have happened. 
ChatFooterMenu A footer menu provides selection options for the length of a session with a Chat Bot. 
ChatFooterMenu.MenuItem Model that represents a menu item. 
ChatKnowledgeArticlePreviewClickListener Interface for providing an action to a hyperlink preview click event. 
ChatKnowledgeArticlePreviewDataHelper Callback interface for supplying a knowledge article's title and summary for generating a hyperlink preview. 
ChatKnowledgeArticlePreviewDataProvider Interface for providing a knowledge article's title and summary to a hyperlink preview rendered in the chat feed. 
ChatMessage Contains data representing a Chat Message that has been received from the Agent. 
ChatSentMessageReceipt Delivery receipt for a sent chat message. 
ChatSessionInfo Contains information about the current Chat session. 
ChatSessionState The lifecycle session states for a Chat session are determined by a linear state machine. 
ChatUI Entry-point for Chat UI. 
ChatUIClient Public API for Chat UI  
ChatUIConfiguration Configuration information pertinent to launching Chat UI and starting Chat sessions. 
ChatUIConfiguration.Builder Build a new ChatUIConfiguration instance. 
ChatUserData A custom data entry to capture user data that can be sent to your Salesforce org and stored as a field in a chat transcript. 
ChatWindowButtonMenu A chat window button menu provides quick reply selection options provided via onChatButtonMenuReceived(ChatWindowButtonMenu)
ChatWindowButtonMenu.Button Model that represents a button from the button menu. 
ChatWindowMenu Model that represents a menu received from a ChatBot. 
ChatWindowMenu.MenuItem Model that represents a menu item. 


EmptyChatMessageException Exception returned by sendChatMessage(String) via onError(Async.ErrorHandler) when attempting to send an empty chat message. 


FileTransferAssistant Enables sending a file to an Agent, which will be attached to a support case. 
FileTransferRequestListener Listener interface for handling File Transfer Requests from an Agent. 
FileTransferStatus Status of the current file transfer to the Agent. 


PreChatEntity This class is deprecated. Deprecated in favor of ChatEntity  
PreChatEntity.Builder This class is deprecated. Deprecated in favor of ChatEntity.Builder.  
PreChatEntityField This class is deprecated. Deprecated in favor of ChatEntityField  
PreChatEntityField.Builder This class is deprecated. Deprecated in favor of ChatEntityField.  
PreChatField This class is deprecated. Deprecated in favor of ChatUserData  
PreChatField.Builder This class is deprecated. Deprecated in favor of ChatUserData.  
PreChatField.PickListOption Represent a PickList option as a serializable tuple. 
PreChatPickListField A pre-chat field used to present pick list options to the user. 
PreChatPickListField.Builder Used to construct PreChatPickListField objects for presenting pick list options to the user during pre-chat. 
PreChatPickListField.Option A pick list option that can be used with PreChatPickListField and displayed on the pre-chat UI. 
PreChatTextInputField A pre-chat field used to request text input from the user. 
PreChatTextInputField.Builder Used to construct PreChatTextInputField objects for requesting text input from the user during pre-chat. 
PreChatTextInputField.Validator Validator offers an extensible way for you to perform custom validation on values applied to PreChatTextInputField
PreChatUIListener Listener interface for receiving status information about the PreChat UI. 


QueueListener Listener interface for retrieving queue position updates while connecting to a chat session. 


SensitiveDataRule Represents a text scrubbing directive that is used to replace or remove text that occurs in outgoing chat messages should they match the provided Regular Expression pattern. 
SessionDoesNotExistException Exception returned by ChatClient via onError(Async.ErrorHandler) when an action has been performed but the session does not exist. 
SessionInfoListener Listener interface for receiving information about the current Chat session. 
SessionStateListener Listener interface for receiving Chat session state and the reason for why a Chat session has ended.