Salesforce Code Analyzer Plug-In

Salesforce Code Analyzer Plug-In

Salesforce Code Analyzer

Salesforce Code Analyzer (Code Analyzer) is a unified tool for source code analysis. Code Analyzer analyzes multiple languages. It relies on a consistent command-line interface and produces a results file of rule violations. Use the results to review and improve your code.

Code Analyzer currently supports the PMD rule engine, PMD Copy Paste Detector, ESLint, and RetireJS. Version 3.x also includes Salesforce Graph Engine.

Integrate Code Analyzer into your Continuous Integration/Continuous Development (CI/CD) process to enforce rules that you define and to produce high-quality code.

Bugs, Feedback, and Feature Requests

To report Code Analyzer issues, create a bug on GitHub. To suggest a feature enhancement, create a request on GitHub or provide feedback here.

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